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21 Sep 2016

You spoke and We listened - September

Candidate Care

We are consistantly asking you, our candidates, what we can do to enhance your experience. The call for daily payroll has been clear and consistent, so we have delivered. Daily Payroll is here!!!

Please see the timetable and parameters of daily payroll below:


Paid on MondayPaid on Tuesday Paid on WednesdayPaid on ThursdayPaid on Friday


received Thurs

09:00 - Friday 12:00


received Friday

12:00 - Monday 12:00


received Monday

12:00 - Tuesday 12:00


received Tuesday

12:00 - Wednesday 12:00


received Wednesday

12:00 - Thursday 09:00


Unfortunately, due to some of our client processes, not everyone is able to access daily payroll. Please see below for exceptions:

1.     NHSP candidates - Anyone working via NHSP will only be paid weekly on a Friday if the shift(s) are approved on the NHSP portal by Tuesday midday.

2.     Any candidate working for a client that requires more than a signed paper timesheet for approval will be paid on the Friday, if all approvals have been received.

3.     Heart of England - Candidates will be paid on Friday if the approved report is received before 14:00 on the Friday, IF it is received any later, you will be paid on the Monday.

4.     The above schedule represents a normal working week - during bank holiday weeks, this may be subject to change.


 It is important that all timesheets sent in for payment meet the standards and guidelines as laid out by our clients. Please note that we cannot accept photos or mobile phone scanning applications as a valid method of sending timesheets – this includes the use of CamScanner, TinyScanner, TurboScan etc. Please scan or fax your timesheet using a traditional scanner/fax machine


Please email or fax your timesheets to the details below:


CompanyEmail AddressFax Number
NRS Globalnrstimesheets@nrsglobal.co.uk020 7990 9762
MSI Recruitmenttimesheets@msirecruitment.com020 7990 9764
MSI Groupittimesheets@msigroupltd.com

020 7990 9760 or

020 7990 9761

MSI Pharmapharmatimesheets@msigroupltd.com

020 7990 9760 or

020 7990 9761

LCI lcitimesheets@msigroupltd.com

020 7990 9760 or

020 7990 9761


If you have any queries, or if you require any further information on daily payroll, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Paid on Monday

Paid on Tuesday

Paid on Wednesday

Paid on Thursday

Paid on Friday

Timesheets received Thurs 0900 – Friday 1200

Timesheets received Friday 1200 – Monday 1200

Timesheets received Monday 1200 – Tuesday 1200

Timesheets received Tuesday 1200 – Wednesday 1200

Timesheets received Wednesday 1200 – Thursday 0900