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25 Jan 2016

Revalidation at MSI


Revalidation is the process of re-affirming that you are fit to practice and up to date in your field, both Doctors and Nurses in the UK have to complete revalidation as well as some other specialists within the NHS and private sector. 

If you are a doctor then revalidation is done to the General Medical Council and applies to all doctors working in the UK for the NHS or private sector and across all branches of practice. If you are a nurse then the revalidation is done by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Doctor revalidation has a five year cycle whereby each doctor is able to revalidate themselves anytime in the five year period, with each doctor being required to complete revalidation at the maximum of five years.

Nurse revalidation occurs every three years and can be done online via submission of a revalidation application to the NMC.

Revalidation is designed to protect both the public and the medical staff by ensuring that they maintain high standards and are fit to practice in their chosen area. By keeping up witb medical procedures and advancements you should never have a problem with revalidation and it should simply be a formality. 

At MSI Group we can take care of revalidation for you by assigning you one of our clinical leads, senior nurses or assessors who will be able to conduct your appraisal and sent it to the requried place if you need one.