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27 Jun 2016

Dietician Jobs at MSI Group


Dietitian jobs offer a varied role for those who have an interest in bodily mechanics, food and most importantly people. 

The role of a dietitian is incredibly varied, although the majority of dietitians work within the NHS advising their patients on diet plans and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within the NHS, a dietitian will be involved in working with sufferers of allergies, such as lactose intolerance, or auto-immune diseases like Coeliacs disease. Dietitians will work with these patients to find a diet that works and is maintainable to prevent suffering. 

Outside of the NHS there is a large demand for dietitians and nutritionists in the world of sport, with many professional sports teams now choosing to employ a team of dietitians to help get the best out of their players. This is especially popular in endurance sports such as triathlon and cycling, where the body is pushed to the limit and requires specific fuel to allow the athletes to compete.

An interest in how food affects the body and bodily mechanics is a must for a dietitian who may be asked to provide a certain diet for a specific athelete's goal, whilst also catering it to the athletes taste and own preferences. 

In the public sector, dietitians are often used to advise on Government policy, or to work on healthy eating campaigns - an especially important job as the population faces a rise in obesity. Most recently the 'sugar tax' which was announced by George Osbourne in the 2016 budget in March will have had a team of dietitians working on the science and research before advising on policy. 

In terms of research, many dietitian jobs can involve research into certain food types, their effects on the body and even if they can be applied in the field of medicine to help with ailments. Research dititian jobs will likely have less contact with the public and are ideal if you are more interested in working to advance the field, rather than practice it on a day to day basis.

An interest in writing and the media can help fuel a career in the press, with most newspapers and magazines having a diet and lifestyle section. There are even entire magazines dedicated to nutrition and diet, which will benefit from having a knowledgable dietitian on their editorial staff. 

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