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8 Aug 2016

What is a Disability Assessor?


A disability assessor is responsible for evaluating an individual's disabilioty to determine whether or not they are able to work, their mobility and decide what kind of living aids they may need. 

This may include providing crutches to somebody with a leg injury who struggles to walk, signing off on benefits for those unable to work or making recommendations for aids in the home that will make an individual's life easier, such as a starlift or motorised reclining chair. 

Many disability assessor jobs are based in the private sector working with the Government and other QUANGO's to evaluate levels of disabiity in society and determine whether or not an inidividual is unfit for work. 

Whilst these are the majority of disability assessor jobs there are also other areas where your skills will be needed, such as in the NHS and private medicine where you will be linked with helping with rehabilitation of people who have suffered serious injury and may need help getting back to normality. 

Many disability assessor jobs require you to be able to conduct interviews and consultations both in the home and in a clinical setting in conjunction with other medical professionals as well as on a face to face basis with the individual. Often this is quite a sensitive issue so compassion and great communication skills are a must for anyone wanting a career in disability assessment. 

Due to the senstive and confidential nature of this position you will need to be a registered UK health professional with up to date membership in order to apply for most disability assessor positions. Many roles also require good computer and administration skills as there is a lot of reporting to do to various bodies in the role. 

At MSI Group we have a range of disability assessor jobs in various sectors, browse our jobs section today for more information about these roles.