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23 Dec 2016

What drives people to go into nursing?


Nursing is one of the most demanding jobs you can do, both mentally and physically, so what drives people to take up a career in nursing?

With long hours, hard work and plenty of reasons to choose an easier career path, it wouldn't be a surprise if nursing was a career which few people chose. But it's actually one of the most popular career choices in the UK along with finance and digital career paths. So why do it? Here are our top three reasons that people take up a career in nursing:

Ability to Help People

Nursing is a rare career in that you are able to physically change lives on a day to day basis. As with many medical positions, nursing involves administering primary medical care and ensuring the patient is cared for in the best possible way. Unlike many medical positions, however, nurses are what makes the patient's day to day life comfortable - a friendly face that they can recognise and trust. This is a draw for many people who love to help others and genuinely want to make a difference.

Career Prospects

Nursing is a great career choice if you want to learn nd continuously improve. Once you are a qualified nurse the opportunities for specialisation are endless. You could be an oncology nurse, community mental health nurse or even a school nurse. The endless options are backed up by the myriad nursing agencies - just like MSI Group - in the UK which are as a directory of job opportunities for hundreds of specialised and non-specialised nursing jobs throughout the country.

As the medical industry continues to grow there are always job opportunities to be taken advantage of, meaning that job prospects and career development for nurses is always an option, especially with the growth of the private sector.


A career in nursing has never been so easy to begin, with many Universities around the country offering a nursing course of some kind along with the many vocational ways to get into nursing leading to its increase in popularity. This also goes hand in hand with an increase in people wanting to further educate themselves and begin an advanced career, with nursing being the perfect candidate for many people who want to make a difference to others.