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16 Sep 2015

Theatre jobs at MSI. What are theatre jobs?


Theatre jobs include everyone from the healthcare assistants who assist the surgeons to theatre nureses and other specialist medical staff who work in the operating room.

Many theatre jobs will be under the supervision of an ODP - Operating Department Practitioner - and you will be working with a very diverse range of specialists to make sure all the operations and recovery afterwards goes smoothly.

Nurses are one of the most popular theatre jobs, working with patients of all ages, shapes and sizes to aid them throughout the surgery and provide aftercare in the recovery room once the operation is complete. Theatre nurses may also be tasked with certain clinical roles or ward duties to ensure the aftercare of the patient is as good as possible.

Doing more than just mopping the surgeon's brow, theatre nurses will actively assist in many operations in a sterile environment, assisting the surgeon with cleaning the wound, control bleeding and infection control as well as providing the surgeon with the appropriate equipment when they need it.

Alongside nurses, other theatre jobs include healthcare assistants. Although as a healthcare assistant working in the theatre you may not be scrubbed in and playing an active role in the surgery, you would be tasked with helping prepare the patient and making sure they are comfortable both before the operation and afterwards. You will assist the theatre nurses and the ODP in the recovery room and be another useful pair of hands to make the surgery goes smoothly.

One of the most important theatre jobs is the ODP who is responsible for all of the goings on in the operating room, from infection control to resource allocation. The ODP works alongside surgeons, anaesthetists and tehatre nurses to ensure that each operation - however large or small - is as safel and efficient as possible. 

As well as providing medical support where necessary, the ODP also provides patient care and support both before and immediately after the operation when the patient is still in recovery to make sure that there are no complications as a result of the operation. 

These theatre jobs require a lot of communication skills and management skills as you will be responsible for a number of professionals in a high pressure environment. You can train to become an ODP from any other medical position although experience in the operating room in some capacity is usually necessary.