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30 Nov 2016

The Importance of Community Nurses


Community nurses are often involved at the very heart of their communities, working out of community halls and local GP surgeries to ensure that everyone gets access to their care.

The job of community nurses often includes travelling to different areas within the community; such as visiting the local schools to perform head lice checks on the students or going into the local residential home to administer flu jabs and aftercare for those who need it most. 

Community nurses are often well known to everyone in the community, especially in smaller, rural areas where they are likely to know people via a relation or from living in them. This makes them essential elements of the front line, ready to help people with issues and provide a personal touch along with their care. 

Due to the very nature of community nurse jobs, community nurses have to be very sociable and able to communicate effectively to all members of their community be them old or young. 

The relationships that community nurses form with their patients can be very strong; especially if working in the same community for a large part of their career and can be characterised in a similar way to the relationships patients used to have with a family doctor. 

Community nurse jobs can be specialised in a variety of areas across the primary care spectrum including community mental health nurse jobs, where the main responsibilities are looking after those who suffer from mental illness in the community. This could be in their homes with regular visits or in a residential care home where patients live permanently. 

A career in community nursing can be extremely rewarding if you are a sociable, driven person; however it is a difficult job often having long hours.