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22 Aug 2016

The Benefits of Agency Nursing


Nursing in general can be beneficial and a dream job for many, nonetheless, we wondered exactly what the key benefits are when it comes to agency nursing. We’ve listed some below that you might not have considered or thought about before:

The Hours

As a nurse working through an agency there is much more freedom in terms of the hours you want to be working. For someone who has other commitments and priorities in their lives working through an agency on a part-time basis could provide flexibility, as well as stability in the job that they love. Many nurses use the flexibility of the hours to also further their own career and expertise, indeed that flexibility could be used to equip yourself with further qualification in the wide field of nursing.


The vast majority of agencies offer competitive and attractive hourly rates alongside holiday payment and sick pay. As well as this, the agencies often pay on a weekly basis so you would no longer be waiting for that monthly payroll date to roll around. Indeed many agency nurses find themselves working in NHS hospitals as they would have but for better money and on healthy shifts.


When working as a nurse through an agency, not only are the hours flexible but the role itself is. Often the case is that with agency work a nurse has a much wider range of opportunities to expand their knowledge thanks to working with a range of specialties and departments within healthcare. It’s said by many nurses who do opt for agency nursing that it gives them the opportunity to enjoy nursing for what they always hoped that it would be without the demanding pressure that many nurse in the NHS are put under.

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