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28 Nov 2019

Survey finds over one third of UK nurses are currently looking for a new job

Industry News

The Royal College of Nursing has released the results of their annual employment survey, showing that nurses are feeling undervalued, stressed and unsupported, with the result that 37% are currently looking for a new job.

In addition, 54% of nursing staff feel that they spend too much time on non-nursing tasks like completing paperwork.

Verbal abuse is also sadly all too common, with 65% of respondents reporting that they have endured verbal abuse from patients or relatives in the past year. Nurses do not feel that their employers encourage them to report abuse or deal with it effectively.

These pressures have left many nurses looking to switch roles, whether to get better working conditions, pay rates that more accurately reflect their responsibilities or gain a promotion or a new challenge. With the NHS Interim People Plan showing that around 40,000 nursing posts are currently vacant and the shortfall predicted to rise to 70,000 by 2023-24, the risk to the profession is that the pressure on nursing staff become so overwhelming that it prompts them to leave the workforce altogether.

With all three of the UK’s main political parties promising extra funding for the NHS to help boost the number of nurses, the RCN has said that its findings should be “required reading” for all politicians ahead of the December general election.

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