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13 Jul 2016

Physiotherapy Jobs - What does a physio do?

Daily Life

Physiotherapists are a vital part of the recovery and rehabilitation process for physical injuries, working with patients whether they are recovering from a broken pelvis or a sprained ankle and everything in between. 

Physiotherapy jobs are extremely popular as they cover a whole range of sectors and roles within them. As well as NHS physiotherapists you could be working in sport, working abroad or even as a self-employed private physio.

A popular route for those looking for physio jobs is to look at the sporting world. Every semi-professional and professional sport team and athlete will have a host of physiotherapists that will help them recover from events. Physio jobs in sport also includes helping athletes with any niggles or light injuries they may sustain by providing strengthening exercises and clinical sessions to improve muscle groups. 

In the NHS, physiotherapists are used mainly for rehabilitation, but they can also have their own clinics where they will treat minor injuries and provide support for those struggling with mobility to get them back on their feet. As well as being based in hospitals, NHS physiotherapists can work in health centres and treat patients in their own homes, nursing homes, day centres or schools.

MSI also recruit physiotherapists to work as functional assessors, appraising patients and establishing the impact of their disabilities on their day to day life.

Physiotherapists use a range of tools as well as exercise techniques to help recovery and rehabilitation. These machines can be anything from basic home-gym type equipment to more complicated contraptions that need a phyio present to operate. 

A working knowledge of the muscle system and anatomy of the human body is a must for all physiotherapy jobs as you will need to know how muscles, tendons and ligaments interact with each other as well as knowing how the body recovers after and injury or accident. 

You will also need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as you will be working closely with patients, and will need to be aware of how they are feeling and where their issues are. Physiotherapists usually work as a part of a wider care team - whether you're in the sport or medical industry - so the ability to be a team player is an absolute must for providing the best care for the patient.

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