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14 Jul 2015

Paramedic Jobs: A Guide to MSI Health Jobs


Paramedic jobs are perfect for someone who wants a job that is exciting and allows you to help people from all walks of life. 

As a paramedic you will often be the first responder to the scene of an accident and will be tasked with providing primary or emergency care to each patient. This could involve basic first aid or more technical procedures, which is why many paramedic jobs require some form of medical training before you begin paramedic training. 

As the senior medical professional at the scene you may find yourself responsible for categorising injuries and dealing with multiple patients at any one time, although usually paramedics operate with an ambulance technician or emergency care assistant who will help you manage patients. 

There are plenty of opportunities for career development for all paramedic jobs, with potential to become an air ambulance crewmember with more training or become more involved in the medical side. 

Paramedic jobs are extremely diverse, with motorcycles, first responder cars and even bicycles being used alongside traditional ambulances to allow paramedics to get around and provide healthcare quickly where necessary. 

To be a paramedic you need to be driven and passionate about helping people, the hours are long and no two days are the same. Paramedics work all hours of the day and need to be at their best at all times, whether it's 3am at the end of a long shift or whether it's your first call out. 

You will often be working alongside the police and fire brigade as well as in close contact with the patient's relatives, so effective communication skills are a must to convey instructions or inform patients and emergency services of the situation. 

A full driving license is a must as you will be responsible for driving an ambulance or fast responder car, with the potential for a motorbike if you have a motorbike license. The ambulance is a fully operational emergency care clinic and contains lots of valuable lilfe-saving equipment, so good driving skills are essential for performing well in the role.

If you want to work alongside paramedics, we have a range of other ambulance jobs at MSI such as ambulance technicians or care assistants.