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13 Sep 2016

Oncology Nurse: Caring for Cancer


Nursing in any format is often described as being at the heart of healthcare, and this is never truer than when it applies to a nurse working in Oncology, caring for someone with cancer. This specialism allows for a nurse to see the extremes of the job and arguably allows for one of the greatest and most positive challenges within nursing.

An Oncology nurse will doubtlessly see some of the most intimate parts of a person’s life and therefore the utmost compassion and discretion is required at all times. As one might expect, specific knowledge of cancer and its effects are vital when specialising as an Oncology nurse, responsibilities do vary compared to regular nursing within this specific field.

For a nurse who is specialising in Oncology, clinical leadership skills are often a necessity as time management and delegation are often required as skills in order to make sure that each patient is properly cared for. Nonetheless, this systematic skill set can’t detract from the part of the job where empathy plays such a crucial role in personally understanding each individual patient along with their needs and care plan.

Caring for cancer as a nurse through any format, especially nursing agencies requires decision making that has a firm foundation in scientific knowledge and understanding. This approach ought to be both critical and careful and the same time, making sure that the patient is always the priority in an otherwise efficient environment of care, whether that be at home or in a clinical atmosphere.

Being an Oncology nurse isn’t just about caring, it’s also about educating. With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes an absence (or lack of) worry and concern. Being able to help a patient gain further knowledge regarding their situation is vital and will only work to help them feel more comfortable in terms of their overall care. 

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