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15 Apr 2016

Occupational Therapy Jobs with MSI


As an occupational therapist you will be responsible for evaluating the individual needs and requriements of the people you work with to help them get the most out of their employment or recover from an issue. 

A diverse role within a company, your tasks could include ensuring that each individual has the appropriate equipment for them to be comfortable in the workplace. A textbook example in the NHS is occupational health coming to you to accommodate seating for back issues or for helping keep you comfortable during pregnancy.

As well as woriking in the workplace you may be required to ensure that otehr locations are suitable for work for the individual, such as advising on home and workplace alterations like increasing disabled access to a building or making sure that there are appropriate 'break out' areas for employees to spend breaks in. 

As well as the physical, there is a mental element to all occupational therapy jobs in the NHS and private sector. You may find yourself dealing with anxiety or stress related problems that employees are suffering through and you will be expected to help them return to work, whether it's by creating a rehabilitation programme for the individually or even creating a support group within the organisation where employees can help each other with your supervision. 

Despite the pressures of the position, occupational therapy jobs are often extreemly rewarding and you can quickly beocme a valuable member of the company, especially if you are working for a large organisation with many employees. The variety involved in the role is appealing to many as you will be working with different people with different problems and issues every day.

In order to work as an occupational therpaist you must be registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and have the appropriate qualifications for the position you are applying for. Contact MSI Group today to browse our occupational therapy jobs.