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18 Aug 2015

CAMHS Jobs at MSI. What are CAMHS Jobs?


A career in children and adolescent mental health can be extremely rewarding as you help young people cope with mental illness and give them the tools they need to live as normal a life as possible. 

CAMHS jobs - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services - cover a whole range of positions, from psychotherapists to mental health nurses. 

Mental health issues in children and young people can be a result of both genetic and environmental factors such as unstable family life, physical disability, educational system failuire and many more. There are many mental health issues that young people can face and it can be etremely hard for them to understand the help they need or explain what they are going though. 

CAMHS jobs are an opportunity to work with children and young people who have mental health problems to support them in their time of need and help them try to live a normal lifestyle. You could be involved in caring for someone who has a serious mental health issue or responsible for ensuring that someone who is edaling with mental health issues independantly has everything they need to cope. 

Studies done by the NHS have shown that almost 10% of five t 15 year olds in the UK have a diagnosable mental health disorder - that's an astonishing 1.1million young people in the UK that would benefit from the specialist services that CAMHS jobs offer. 

Some CAMHS jobs involve the severely mentally disabled and require more qualifications and experience than others, such as working with individuals who would not be able to cope in society or even not able to cope with the most basic tasks. 

Helath jobs in the mental health field can be some of the most rewarding in the entire medical field and they will suit anyone who loves to help people and has a caring, patient nature. These jobs, although rewarding, can be very demanding and you need to be mentally tough to suceed in these positions. 

At MSI Group we have a wide selection of CAMHS jobs as well as other mental health jobs. See all of our jobs online today.