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23 Sep 2016

A Day in the Life of a Paramedic


Expect the unexpected and you’ll probably still be surprised is generally the sort of thing you might expect a paramedic to say. Working shifts that often span longer than 12-hours in a response vehicle, working on a variety of incidents and emergencies, few people have to think quicker than a paramedic.

The first thing to remember about paramedic jobs is that a “12-hour shift” isn’t absolute, such a job is subject to change and it’s very easy for those 12 hours to turn into 13.  It isn’t like working in an office environment where you save your excel spreadsheet and walk out, you can’t simply leave a patient once your shift is at its specified end, a day in the life of a paramedic might well be endless in some ways.

There is an element of routine nonetheless. A thorough vehicle and equipment check is always necessary prior to the start of a shift, having the right tools for the job can be no more important than when you’re first on the scene of any incident or person who’s unwell.

Preparation goes beyond this as well, you have to be mentally prepared for any sort of issue throughout your day. Paramedic jobs might range from a violent stabbing, to a severe allergic reaction, both of which can form negative emotions for different reasons. Once again, a paramedic’s day revolves around expecting absolutely anything.

Finally, another part of the preparation throughout any day as a paramedic is the fact that it might not always end well, in spite of your efforts and knowledge. Even if the response time is good and the care provided is correct, it might be the case that the patient doesn’t respond. In such a case it’s vital that you’re able to assure yourself that your actions followed protocol, and that you did do all you could to properly care for that patent. Even more important than that, you need to be able to get up the next day and provide the same high standard of care as before. 

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