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12 Oct 2018

Community School Nurse | London

Competitive salary

Greater London


Competitive salary





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MSI Group are recruiting for a Community School Nurse in Greater London. The School Nursing Service is part of the NHS. It has a public health role and provides confidential advice and support to all children, young people, and their carers in a variety of settings.


  • Health advice and support
  • Medicine management
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Nocturnal enuresis clinics (night time wetting) 
  • Emerging Mental Health -Referral onto other agencies
  • work in partnership with children, parents, carers, health professionals and teachers
  • promote and maintain good health of all school children
  • support a child’s specific health needs
  • enable all school children to reach their full potential.
  • To educate in:
    Healthy lifestyles
    Mental health and wellbeing
    Sexual health (e.g. contraception, sexual orientation)
    Child protection
    Health conditions—asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, allergies
    Chronic or complex health needs
    Drugs, alcohol and smoking
    Domestic violence
    Separation and divorce


  • 1 day Payment
  • Very experienced specialised community desk
  • 1st tier supplier to the Trust

Skills & Qualifications:

Depending on your level of existing qualifications you will either undertake the BSc (Hons) course, or the PgDip qualification. If youre qualified as a nurse with an Undergraduate Diploma you should take this course – the BSc (Hons). If you qualified as a nurse with a bachelor’s degree you should take the PgDip School Nursing (Specalist Community Public Health Nursing) programme.