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16 Oct 2015

School Nurse Jobs - What do school nurses do?


School nurses carry a large amount of responsibility in the school, having many duties to fulfill and a duty of care to ensure all the pupils at the school are well cared for. School nurse jobs can be extremely rewarding and are a great career choice for anyone looking to work with children.

A school nurse will be in charge of administering innoculations and vaccinations to the pupils when necessary, although this can also be done in conjunction with local clinics and other medial staff if the school is a particularly large one. 

As a school nurse you will also be responsible for conducting screening programmes - such as regular head lice checks - to ensure that any outbreaks of illness or issues can be acted upon quickly to reduce their affect on the pupils. 

Another responsibility for the school nurse is to deliver sex education to th students at the apporpriate time. This will be done with help from the national curriculum or guidance from the local authority, but the responsibilty for delivering the information is down to the school nurse and perhaps the teachers who will be present in lessons. This also involves ensuring permission from parents or guardians of children to allow them to have the lesson, as many parents prefer to give this lesson themselves. 

Alongside all of these roles, your job will also be to attend to any injuries or accidents that occur in the school - of which there can be many, especially in playgrounds or during active lessons like PE. You will need to send home documentation of the incident to make the parents aware as well as following any guidelines that the school has in place. 

School nurse jobs can be posted by the local health authority or by the school themselves if they are large enough, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to become a school nurse. If you like working with children and have a desire to go into nursing, but you don't want to be in the hospital, then school nurse jobs are the perfect career choice!

See our range of school nurse jobs online at MSI Group to see if there is a local school that could tempt you into a career change.