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12 Jun 2015

Pharma Jobs: A Guide From MSI


Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry - more commonly known as ' pharma jobs ' - don't all include white coats and degrees in chemistry and pharmacology, it's a market where all sorts of people with all sorts of skills are needed. 

Obviously pharmacist jobs take up a large proportion of the industry, but there are plenty of pharma jobs for people skilled in marketing who are responsible for increasing the profile of the drug, sales jobs for to get it into pharmacies and hospitals as well as project management jobs to help guide the direction of research. You could also be part of the reguylatory body by taking pharmacovigiance jobs . These are roles that are responsible for drug safety and ensure that all medicines and treatments are tested thoroughly before being used on the public.

The pharmaceutical industry is growing so there is always a need to fill positions for pharma jobs. Medicine is constantly evolving and with new research and studies being done every day, there is a big demand for people to help keep the progress moving. This goes hand in hand with new conditions and syndromes that are being discovered as well as enhancing current treatments to make them more effective. It is an extremely rewarding industry and one that has bags of potential to forge a great career for a driven individual.

The joys of pharma jobs can be found in helping discover, sell or create something that will be helpful to thousands of people; you could even be part of a research team that discovers a cure for a condition or syndrome that has never been achieved before, or you could be part of the marketing campaign for a drug that will change people's lives for the better. 

Although a degree in a relevant subject is often required - you can't usually do well in medical research unless you're pretty good at sciences - there are some entry level positions available although these usually still require A levels. It's an industry at the cutting edge of medicine so to be successul in it you need to have the knowledge and ability to do something great.

Pharma jobs can take you around the world, so if you enjoy travel then it could be the industry for you. Research for drugs and medicines takes place all over the world, giving you a unique opportunity to spend some time working in amazing places from the USA to Australia.

MSI often have a range of pharma jobs to choose from, including pharmacovigilance jobsm sales, marketing and researcher jobs, in our online job boards. If you would love a career in the pharmaceutical industry then keep your eyes peeled!