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5 Jul 2018

NHS70 - Proud to Play Our Part

Industry News

Our Message on the 70th anniversary of the NHS.


MSI statement on the 70th anniversary of the NHS

On the NHS’ 70 th anniversary, MSI are proud to have been able to play a small part in the working of this fantastic institution for over 16 years.

In that time we have developed deep links with the NHS, supplying into many NHS Trusts nationwide, and always putting the needs of the Trust and patient care as our #1 priority.

It is this desire to see the NHS thrive through difficult times that led MSI to lead the way with our truly consultative approach, rigorous compliance procedures, and our Ethical Sourcing Policy.

Working closely with many NHS Trusts we have worked tirelessly to simplify management processes, reduce costs and improve vacancy fill rates, all whilst maintaining second-to-none compliance figures, leading us to become the fastest growing UK healthcare recruitment company of 2015.

Being in a position to bring hundreds of qualified, compliant overseas nurses and doctors to the UK in times of shortages, and seeing them hit the ground running integrating into the UK system brings a truly remarkable sense of pride to everyone here at MSI, as does every shift filled and every perm, locum or temporary vacancy recruited for.

Not only do we take pride in assisting the NHS institution, but the knowledge that we are creating opportunities for some of the best medical talent in the world, and that we are improving levels of patient care.

We hope that you are able to work with us and experience our passion for the NHS first hand, be you an NHS Trust, a candidate or MSI employee.

We remain in awe of the impact that this institution has had on the citizens of the UK, as well as overseas, providing the best healthcare in the world to all who need it, free of charge.

So, to the NHS, we say thank you. For the past 70 years, and to the next 70 years that MSI Group Ltd are proud to be a part of developing.