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9 Dec 2015

Health Visitor Jobs - Roles and Responsibilities


A health visitor is a role employed by a registered nurse, midwife or mental health nurse that has completed a secondary qualification in community nursing. This rewarding role is one that will suit an enthusiastic individual who wants to genuinely help people recover and cope in the community. 

Health visitors are in charge of looking after patients in the community, whether that includes monitoring patients who have recently left hospital to ensure their dressings are changed and that they are managing well; or checking in on newborn babies in their family home to make sure it is a suitable environment and that baby is progressing well.

Health visitor jobs exist to promote general health in the community and they are especially important with an aging population. By looking after the elderly in heir homes and working with families that hve young children under five to make sure they're developing appropriately; health visitors play an essential role in keeping the hospitals and doctor's surgeries for more urgent and serious cases. 

To be a health visitor you need to be enthusiastic and have a geuine desire to help people - you will always be busy and will meet scores of people from all walks of life every day! The variety provided by health visitor jobs makes them extremely popular, especially amongst nurses and midwifes who have worked in hospitals and institutions and want a change of pace and the chance to play a more caring role rather than a strictly medical one.

At MSI Group we work with many authorities to recruit for health visitor jobs throughout the UK. Browse our jobs section to find your nearest health visitor position - it could be in your very own community!