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21 Jul 2016

Brexit: What does it mean for the NHS?

Industry News

It’s been nigh on impossible to ignore the hype and furore surround the UK’s vote to exit the EU.

We have seen David Cameron step down to be replaced by Theresa May, political parties fracture and political alliances change. As the promises of £350m for the NHS have disappeared and the dust has begun to settle, the fundamental questions remain: What does the Leave vote mean to our EU nurses and doctors, and what does it mean for the NHS?

Some reports suggest that effects are already being felt across the NHS. There is a lot of chatter around EU doctors who feel uncomfortable about applying for posts in the UK. For EU doctors and nurses already here, there is concern as to what will happen two years from now when Article 50 is evoked. Many people are said to be planning their futures and are not prepared to wait to find out.

With 10% of NHS doctors and 4% of nurses coming from the EU, the impact could undoubtedly change the face of the institution.

Whatever the outcome, MSI Group will continue to support and value the incredible contribution made by ALL NHS staff and we will always aim to help you through these times of uncertainty with roles, career support and advice.

See also this statement from Professor Jane Cummings at https://www.england.nhs.uk/2016/06/jane-cummings-24/

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