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16 Feb 2016

Speech Therapy Jobs at MSI Group


Speech and language therapist jobs play a crucial role in speech development for all kinds of people, from young children to the elderly who need to learn to speak again after an illness or accident. 

There are scores of situations that could lead to someone being unable to talk, whether it's a physical accident that has left us with brain damage, a stroke that has affected the speaking centre of the brain or psychological trauma which has manifested itself in a speech defect. 

It's not just working with people who need to learn to speak again though, there are many conditions that affect the way in which we speak. Stutters and short tongues are just two conditions that you will see often as a speech and language therapist as you work with them to improve both their ability and their confidence in their ability to speak. 

A fundamental part of speech therapy jobs is working with children who suffer from conditions that range from the physical, such as a cleft palate or phyiscal disability, to the psychological such as dyslexia and autism. You will also be working with children who are having difficulty with certain sounds and other language impairments as part of their developmen to allow them to try and develop at an appropriate rate for their age.

Speech and language therapist jobs are extremely rewarding but can be hard work. Patience and great communication skills are required to get the best out of your patients and to help you treat them. This is especially true for psychological conditions affecting speech as you will need to build a rapport with the patient to try and help them. 

Speech and language therapy jobs are not only for hospitals, you could find yourself in a community clinic or a special school that works with children tat have language problems. You could also work in a prison or young offenders instutute or even in the patient's own home as part of a community role.