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4 May 2016

Radigrapher Jobs at MSI


Radiographers play a key part in the essential health services that are provided for millions of people on a daily basis. They are responsible for providing high quality images of inside the body so then accurate treatments can be provided for injuries and diseases. Radiography has now become one of the most vital aspects of treatment. This is especially true for diseases like cancer, with six out of ten people suffering from the disease being cured after radiography assisted their treatment.

There are two different kinds of radiographer jobs and it’s important to know their differences before you start sending out applications.

Diagnostic Radiographer

Diagnostic radiographers use imaging equipment including x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs to produce images of a disease or injury. In many cases, a diagnostic radiographer will then take these images and examine them before providing a diagnosis. They can also contribute to a patient’s treatment plan when necessary.

This is also a role that involves patient care. This means that they are expected to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed during the radiography process. They also work in a variety of locations, including operating departments and A&E wards.

Therapeutic Radiographer

Therapeutic radiographers make up over 50% of the radiography workforce. They are also the only healthcare professionals that are able to plan and deliver radiotherapy treatment. The degree-level training for this role focuses on working in oncology, which makes this one of the most vital roles in the treatment of cancer.

A vital part of this role involves helping patient with the physical and psychological effects of radiotherapy. This role also involves calculating the exact amount of radiation treatment that each patient needs while monitoring their progress, sometimes on a daily basis. The vast majority of therapeutic radiographers are employed in either NHS or private hospitals. There is also a national shortage of radiographers, so there has never been a better time to be looking for work in this particular speciality.

We always have a range of listings for radiographer jobs on our website. Head over to our health jobs section and start applying for the radiographer role you have always wanted.