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12 Nov 2015

Nurse Jobs - Variety in the Workplace


Being a nurse doesn't mean simply workin on the wards, there are so many different vocations you can choose when you decide to go into nursing. 

Nurse jobs can cover everything from military roles to mental health in the community roles and ghive you the opportunity to help people across the world in all walks of life. 

Community nurse jobs include visiting vulnerable people in their homes to take care of them and make thema s comfortable as possible. This is an extremely rewarding position that will see you make the most of your people skills and get to meet new people every single day to really make a difference in your local community. 

As well as community nursing, there are plenty of roles available for mental health nurse jobs. Mental health nurses take care of vulnerable people by providing health and support in both hospital and the community, working in conjunction with local authorities, hospitals and community nurses to provide a high standard of care. This is a rewarding role suited to someone with good communication skills who really wants to devote time to the individual to improve their quality of life.

Nursing agencies are a popular method of employment for many nurses who work in a hospital circumstance, as this allows you to be more selective with your shifts and have more variation in the workplace. Working at a nursing agency you will be deployed in a variety of locations in your region giving you the chance to enhance your people skills. You wll also be deployed in different departments, unless you have a specific specialisation, which will allow you to increase your skills base.

Staff nurse jobs are where you are employed by the hospital or institution directly, which is more stable than working for a nursing agency but does limit your potential for career advancement unless you strive to advanec through the ranks of teh department.

A Paediatric nurse is often also employed by a hospital or authority but specifically deal with children. This is a great career prospect for people who like to work with kids, giving you the chance to help vulnerable children and form string bonds with your patients.

At MSI Group we have a large range of nurse jobs across the country. We work with nursing agencies in London, Liverpool, Birmingham and other large cities across the country to provide nurse jobs across all sectors.