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14 Mar 2016

A&E Jobs with MSI Group


Accident and Emergency is one of the most high pressure environments in the entire health profession. The department is usually very busy and there will be a wide range of illnesses and injuries that will need to be dealt with effectively.

To work as part of an A&E team you need to be able to cope with working under a lot of pressure and execute tasks quickly and to a good standard - after all you might be responsible for saving someone's life if it's a serious accident. 

Although extremely hard work this department can also be very rewarding - making A&E jobs some of the most saught after roles in the industry. 

Often associated with doctors and nurses, A&E jobs also include various other medical professionals that need to be on hand to allow emergency care to be administered quickly. Paramedics are usually based in an A&E unit and will often provide medical assistance until a full A&E team is present. Radiographers also work in A&E as they need to be on hand to perform various scans to provide an overview of the condition before the doctors decide what needs to be done. 

Trauma surgeons are on hand in A&E to perform emergency surgical procedures which are almost always life saving operations. These various A&E jobs require extraordinary versatility and an overall extensive knowledge of medicine.

The varied nature of injuries that can be seen in A&E can often mean specialists will need to be consulted to provide long term care, but as a department the responsibility of A&E is to ensure that each patient is stabilised and patched up enough for them to be admitted and sent to the specilialist, straight to theatre or sent to intensive care.

At MSI Group we have various A&E jobs available throughout the country, browse our jobs section for more information about them.